Our research aims to develop knowledge and tools that will help reduce the impact of emerging infectious diseases on the health of populations by adopting a One Health approach.



Our research group has three main objectives:

1) Improve knowledge on the social and environmental determinants of emerging infectious diseases in the context of a changing world.

2) Develop and evaluate One Health interventions, programs and policies.

3) Inform practices and decision making.



Emerging infectious diseases represent a growing threat to the health of human and animal populations. It is estimated that around 75% of emerging infectious diseases are zoonoses, involving reservoirs that consist of populations of wild or domestic animals, increasing the challenge and complexity associated with their prevention and control.

Located at the interface of human, animal and environmental populations, zoonoses are particularly sensitive to changes affecting ecosystems, including climate change and changes in land use.

Given this inter-connectivity between human, animal and environmental health, the fight against emerging zoonoses requires an intersectoral and transdisciplinary approach called One Health .


One Health is a conceptual approach that recognizes the close links between human, animal and ecosystem health and that advocates for integrated, collaborative, intersectoral and transdisciplinary actions.



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