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November 25, 2021: New episode of Science Infuse - GREZOSP Podcast -


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Watch Episode 3 of Science Infuse's Covid-19 series: A GREZOSP podcast entitled "All for One" is now on YouTube!

As we learn to live with the CoVID-19 pandemic on a daily basis, we're well aware that this certainly won't be the last time we'll be exposed to a situation like this. So how can we predict future pandemics? Do we already have surveillance systems in place? This is not such a simple question, since human health is closely linked to animal health and our environment. The current situation has thus, more than ever, underlined the importance of the One Health concept, a concept that affects us all, every day!

We also invite you to listen (or listen again) to the first episodes on the Grezosp website, SoundCloud and YouTube.

Several students from the laboratory are involved in the podcast:

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