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Eastern chipmunks have the potential to be important reservoir hosts for anaplasmosis.

TickNet Canada Conference
October 2023


power nikky-1.png

Perceptions of Quebec dairy producers and veterinarians regarding the implementation of new regulations aimed at restricting the use of category 1 antibiotics

Conference The International Society for Economics and Social Sciences of Animal Health 
November 2021


Knowledge of the factors that have an impact on dog bites in communities located in northern Quebec.

University of Montreal FMV research seminar

Mar 2021



Scooping review: The occurrence of dogs bites in Northern indigenous communities.

Arctic changes Arctic Net

Dec 2020

Moving toward action. Creating a collaborative decision tool to address One Health issues at the human-dog interface in northern Quebec.

Arctic changes Arctic Net

Dec 2020


Dogs bites are more frequent in northern indigenous communities, due to multi-dimensional factors.

World One Health Congress

Oct 2020



Big data in health and ecology as a tool for monitoring and integrated planning of social development and ecosystems.

Environment Forum of the University of Montreal

Feb 2019

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